Framing the interior

I found an issue I have to fix. Since the opening in the room was so wide and I had cut out the walls from floor to ceiling I had a little bit of bounce going on if you were to walk on the roof. I remedied the situation by welding some 2×4″ metal tubing across the opening in 2 spots and then welding the roof to that.


I decided to use 2×3″ lumber for the walls since they are only going to hold up the ceiling and drywall,and 2×4’s for the ceilings. Like typical construction techniques used today, I framed the walls on the floor and then stood them up. I used self tapping metal screws in a few places to attach the wood was to the metal walls. This was done over a 2 week period on my days off.

image image image

image image image

image image




Author: Silvio Domingues

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