Situational Awareness is your best defense.

Guns have been in the news and media a lot lately. Questions have been raised whether they are needed for self defense. My personal answer is ” when defending myself or a loved one I will always bring a gun to a gun fight”. That being said I believe that situational awareness can help give you a tactical advantage in any confrontation and maybe even avoid one. In the Army Field Manual, situational awareness is defined as-...

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Are you being followed? What do you do?

Here’s the scenario: “Your driving home and you look in the rear view mirror and notice that same car or truck is still behind you ever since you left the store parking lot. No big deal right, I mean there are a lot of homes in the direction you are driving and that vehicle just happens to be going the same way.” Although it doesn’t happen a lot, there have been times when a woman driving alone has been followed home...

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Guard Dogs And Home Security

These days, home security is simply a must have. Burglaries and crime are always on the rise, which makes it all the more important to protect your home. There are various burglary alarms and home surveillance systems available, designed to help you protect your home. Although they are good in their own rights, nothing compares to an old fashioned guard dog. Guard dogs have been used for generations – to help people protect their...

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The Art Of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art, one that was practiced for centuries in China as an exercise, a martial art, and a way to improve the internal flow of energy in the body. It emphasis correct form and feeling with each and every movement, which is why it is always taught to be practiced in a slow and gentle fashion. By involving the entire body with little to no impact, Tai Chi promotes strength, flexibility, and stamina. With the...

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Sparring is something that all martial arts use. There are numerous sports, such as boxing and wrestling that use sparring as well. It is a very useful technique, helping students become better with their techniques and what they have learned. By practicing with other people, students learn their arts better and become more apt at performing the techniques quickly and efficiently. If you are studying martial arts in a dojo, you’ll...

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A Look At Wing Chun

Up until the turn of the twentieth century, the martial art known as Wing Chun was very obscure not known much about. Back then, Wing Chun was just getting started, not practiced by a lot of martial artists. Over the years, it became a very dominant force in China, becoming one of the most prominent martial arts in existence. Even today, hundreds of martial artists study Wing Chun and everything it provides them with. The first thing...

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