*Update* Doodlebug Project Sold

I am sorry to those who have been following the progress on the doodlebug project but due to both financial and time constraints I sold the doodlebug. Share...

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Doodlebug Update 1/15/12

Well finally got to do some work on the tractor today. First I had been waiting on carburetor rebuild parts, then I needed the time, so now that the holidays have passed there should be more movement. I rebuilt the carb with the new parts. New needles, jets, springs, and gaskets. I had to use my tap and die tool set I got for Christmas to re-tap some threads where the main jet went. The old one was stuck and I had to drill it out to...

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Doodlebug update 12/18/11

I took off the carb to clean it. It looked pretty rough on the outside and inside. I took it all apart and sand blasted the individual parts with Baking soda then a quick soak for 30 seconds in really hot water to dissolve any residue left in. It came out great takes the crap out and leaves no pitting or marks. I’ve ordered a rebuild kit for it. Should have the parts after the holiday.     all clean Share...

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Doodlebug Update 12/12/2011

ok, I’ve done a lot of work the past couple of days. First I used a wire wheel brush around the area of the hole and then laid some fiberglass with epoxy over and around it. After it dried I sanded the fiberglass patch smooth. I also ran the wire brush around the rest of the rim to get rid of the rest of the rust as best i could. I then sprayed the entire rim with a paint from Rustoleum that coverts mild rust into primer. I then...

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Doodlebug update 12/9/2011

Ok, Today I took of the identification plate on the engine. Model – 233431 Type no. – 0227 01 Serial # – 97904 According to the Briggs website it’s a 9hp engine L head engine made after 1981. I was able to download both the parts diagrams as well as the Manual for it. I couldn’t get the engine to run so I decided to check for spark, and I’m not getting any. I noticed that there are some wires that...

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Doodlebug Update 12/7/2011

I got it home from the junk yard and it was in need of lots of TLC. For starters the front left wheel and tire were flat and mangled( got to find a new one). The linkage to disengage the clutch was broken, everything is rusty. Most of the components are not marked so I don’t know what kind of tranny it is or what rear was used. I know the motor is a Briggs & Stratton but don’t know what size it is yet the Identity...

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