How to build your own target stand

One of the easiest ways to build a portable target stand is to use PVC pipe and connectors. Things you are going to need :
about 22 feet of 2″ pipe
6 -2″ 90* elbows
2 -2″ tees
4 1/2 feet of metal wire
4 – paper clips ( the black squeeze kind)
either a pvc pipe cutter or a good ole hack saw.
First you will need to cut the long sections of pipe into the following measurements.
2 pieces at 5′ 10″
3 pieces at 24″
4 pieces at 12″

When your done the frame will look like this.
For the bottom of the frame, assemble 4 – 90* elbows, both tees, 4 – 12″ pieces of pipe, and 2 – 24″ pieces of pipe so it looks like this.
Then assemble the upper frame using both long pieces of pipe, the last 2 90* elbows, and the last 24″ piece of pipe, so it looks like this.
Then just put the upper section together with the lower section at the tees and your almost done. Now drill holes in the pvc to go across from one side to the other at a height that will be comfortable for you. Run the wire through the holes and bend it 90* once outside the pipe to hold it in place.
Then place the paper clips so that the wire goes thru the middle like this
and you are now ready to hang some targets like I did here
You can adjust the length of the longest pieces in order to adjust the height of your stand. Or you can use 1″ pvc for an even cheaper version. This cost me about $20 at a home improvement store. Have fun shoot safe.

3 thoughts on “How to build your own target stand

  1. That’s pretty much what I had in mind except for a few ideas. First I would have a short section and union coming up from the stand then having shorter vertical pieces to be replaceable. Use paracord, but wire works too. Then have a second string that’s floating and weighted for different lengths of targets

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