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What can I say I love my Model 5 in 6.8 SPC. I have the right-handed version. It is built around an A3 flat-top receiver, and has a 16-inch M4-profile chrome-lined barrel, chambered in 6.8 Remington SPC. The rifling twist is one turn in eleven inches to stabilize 6.8 SPC’s 90 to 130-grain bullets. The muzzle is covered by an A2 flash hider. Stag Arms uses a one-half inch by 36 thread pattern, which is a standard for 9mm, to prevent 5.56 muzzle devices from being used on the larger caliber.The Model 5 has carbine-length M4-style hand-guards with heat shields, and a either a fixed A2 front sight tower gas block or with a weaver rail top . Stag provides a side-sling swivel inside the front sight tower.The lower is a standard AR-15 lower receiver manufactured by Stag Arms, however, it is marked “MODEL STAG-6.8 CAL 6.8 MM”. The magazine holds 25 rounds.

I know I’ll probably hear alot of Cr_p about this but I believe the 6.8 SPC round is the best round for the Ar-15 platform. I plan on doing a video review in the future which I will post with this article as soon as I get it done. Until then here’s a pic.


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