My gun is shooting low

This is a common problem. There is a great article you can read HERE on the subject as it pertains to grip and trigger pull. However there may be a simpler fix than that though. You first need to find out at what distance your gun was sighted in for at the factory. For example Sig Sauer sights their guns in at 25 yards. With that in mind if you are shooting at a distance any closer than that, you will obviously shoot low. This diagram may help for those who learn visually like I do.You can click on the pic to see it bigger.
You can see the bullet travels at an angle from the tip of the barrel compared to the straight line of sight to the point of impact. That will result in shooting low if you are shooting closer than your sighted in distance. To compensate you need to adjust your point of aim higher on the target. Another reason you may be shooting low is your sight picture. Again you need to find out how your guns manufacturer chooses to sight their guns. Some sight their guns using the sight image 2 others like Sig Sauer use sight image 3.
Occasionally the wrong sights do get installed on a gun and it slips through quality control. When that is the case I would take it to an armorer who can help you switch either sight to make the adjustment needed.

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  1. Nice article… I was just getting acquainted with my XD tactical and familiarizing myself with the sights. I didn’t realize that manufacturers calibrated the sights for varying yards. Learned something new:).

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