Are you prepared for a disaster?

I believe that as Americans today, even though we are the most advanced country in the world with technology and quality of life, we are the worst prepared for a disaster. For far too long we have had the ability to get what we want when we want it, WITHOUT having to struggle for it or having to rebuild from scratch. In the recent past such disasters as Hurricane Katrina and others have shown that very point.

If a disaster struck today,  would you know what to do? Do you live near a flood plain, an earthquake fault, or in a high fire danger area? Are you prepared for an unexpected human-made disaster that can strike at any time or place? Do you have a plan of action or evacuation? Do you have a stash of supplies to get you through at least a few days like food water dry and clean clothes? Do you have extra medication on hand for those in your family who are fighting an illness or living with a condition? Do you have a way to protect yourself and family from looters or violence if your area becomes lawless for a period of time? Do you have a temporary shelter you can erect to keep out of weather and elements if you home gets destroyed? Although this is not a complete list of questions If you can’t answer yes to at least a few of these than you are not doing yourself or your family justice or should I say not being A Sheepdog. I will admit that I myself can’t answer yes to all of them either, but I can answer yes to 90% of them and it has been a journey to get there.

Now I believe FEMA and other agencies dropped the ball during Katrina but if you go to their website they do have alot of good information. One publication I think has a lot of good information is ” Are You Ready?” an In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness which you can find here .

On a side note, this was written to get you thinking about when it happens to you. But if you have prepared and disaster strikes to someone else, than you will be in a position to help. Which is not only what being a Sheepdog is about but it is what being a good Christian is about, and religion aside, it is definitely what being a human being is about at least in my book.

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