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Responding to an Active Shooter is the most difficult mission to perform of all the
missions skills assigned to either patrol or tactical officers. Why? Active Shooter
response requires a practiced and rehearsed plan ahead of time. Not only does the
plan need to be rehearsed, but officers need to take special equipment to ensure that
after the threat is neutralized and the medical contingencies encountered are
addressed. Essentially you must be prepared to perform a cold hit on an unknown
target, a task that requires a degree of skill to be successful.
While there are several other steps in the process, these are the most important
points students should rehearse during active shooter training.
· Planning and Preparation
· Notification, Movement and Link-up
· Movement to the entry/breach point
· Movement to the crisis point(s)
· Threat neutralization
· Link-up with follow on elements
· Site security, consolidation and treatment of injured…..

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