Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

crossbreed supertuck deluxe
* I still need a new camera so this pic was found from a Google search.

As with my other Holster reviews I will cover what I think are the five most important features of any holster. Comfort, Durability, Function, Conceal-ability, Finish.
I have to start by saying that dealing with Crossbreed in getting this Item was as desirable as one could hope for, and from what I have researched that is how their customer service is handled as well.
Now to the important part the actual review. I have only had this holster for about 2 weeks and it has been unnoticeable, but in a good way. It took barely a day for it to conform to my body once I decided where I was going to wear it. I found that the 3:30 – 4:00 o’clock position was the best for me.
I have to say it’s very comfortable. I can wear it around the house all day, I can sit, walk, drive, ride my motorcycle, do my Honey-do’s or just lounge around. It does require minor adjustments to what I’m doing, but you tend to forget it’s there, so to speak. I’ve worn it around friends to see if they noticed, at my son’s baseball practices, even at restaurants. It is very comfortable in my opinion all I really deal with is the weight of the gun.
The Holster is available in either cow or horse hide. Mine is of horse hide which is said to be smoother on the backside against your body and doesn’t make you sweat as much.
The leather is soft, but sufficient thickness and size to almost completely cover the pistol except for the bottom 3/4’s of the grip. The kydex portion is kept to a minimum to cover the trigger guard and most of the slide though it exposes the entire front sight. It is well flared at the opening and at the bottom. All the sharp edges are smoothed out so there’s no chance of scratching yourself or your gun. The instructions that come with the holster tell you how to adjust the kydex for your personal taste on how much it grips the gun. They say they shoot for “middle of the road” but I had to adjust mine to make it a little tighter.
The rivets are well set and spaced for a solid hold on the leather. The clips are made of steel, and can accommodate up to an inch and a half belt. They are about 1 inch wide with a hole drilled in the bottom for attachment. They are attached to the leather using a Phillips head screw which is screwed into a nut which is thin and is designed with little prongs that stick inside the leather to keep from twisting. There is a circular piece of rubber between the clips and the leather to help apply friction to keep from rotating and also gives a little room for your shirt when tucked in. There are 4 holes on each side of the leather for adjust-ability in height and cant.
I immediately noticed how fast and easy both presenting from the holster and re-holstering was. I spent a lot of time performing quick draws and dry-fires to get the muscle memory down with this new holster. The one thing I dislike is the design of the leather around the grip. There is a small amount of leather that sticks above the Kydex and rear trigger guard which keeps you from getting a full grip on the draw. They offer something called a combat cut which I understand addresses this but why not just cut it that way to begin with?
The space behind the clips allows for tucking in a shirt. I tend to wear my shirts out, but either works fine. The most important part about concealment is placement, cant and what I call ride height. The Supertuck Deluxe with it’s adjustable clips allow plenty for all three.
In this case finish is not so important since it is inside your pants but it is very well constructed with clean smooth edges on all surfaces as well as plenty of their company logos.
The Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe is probably the most comfortable inside the waistband holster I have worn to date. It has become my every day carry holster because of it’s comfort. The combination of leather and kydex really does well and I believe Crossbreed offers this holster at an affordable price Best of all I found out that Crossbreed offers a discount to NRA members if you enter your member number at checkout. Similar discounts are also available for Law Enforcement and Military personnel. If you’re in the market for a comfortable, affordable, quality holster from a custom maker then Crossbreed Holsters is the place to go.
I will be adding a link on the Blog to their website for your convenience, just tell them you came from here. It won’t get you a discount but it will help me in getting the word out about the blog.

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