Delton 16″ Mid-Length Rifle Kit

Reviewed BY Guest Writer J Kirchner

I ordered a couple of these kits, I had looked a lot and could not find a better deal on a complete rifle kit minus the stripped lower. I ordered the lowers separately through my local gun dealer.

The ordering process could not have been simpler. Click on the web site, fill in the web order form and done. What I really like was the ability to change the default parts to customized “accessories” or options. Nothing could have been simpler. I chose the chrome lined barrels, and that held up my order for a few weeks. Hungh… you would think maybe there was a war on or something… Oh yeah, there is.


So it took Del-ton a little time to get the chrome lined barrels. I am okay with that. I would have preferred an email to let me know about it though. Or something on the email from the order telling me the barrels were back-ordered.

I gave them a call at the 800 number and it was answered by a real human being on the 2nd ring!!! (brownie points for Del-ton for a human answering the phone and answering about the status in about 30 seconds)


The parts all came complete meaning there was not a single part missing (I had ordered a good bit of stuff)!!! A little time later and I had my rifles working like a champ at the range!!! Everything arrived just as ordered, nothing was missing. Thanks for a great product Del-ton! There are gobs of web sites with video clips etc. to show you how to slap one of these together, so I will not be going into it here.
Del-ton did not charge my credit card for the kits until they shipped. Now you, the reader may like that idea, I did not. That meant I had an order hanging out there for a couple of weeks and could not really and truly balance my check book. I see the upside and the downside to the policy. So I am neutral on the idea. Some of you may like it, some may not.

The kits went together like a champ, and fired accurately and without a miss-feed, stove pipe, double feed, or jam. I have put about 1500 .223 rounds through em now, and they still keep rocking like champs. Overall, I could not be happier with my purchases. I will continue to do business with them.
Please see my review of the Ruger 10/22 apple-seed rifle project regarding my front sight post swap with the Tech-sights national match font sight post. Item number Item #TS00182 – Extended National Match Front Post. I swapped em on all of the AR’s and am getting wicked great shot groups at 25 meters on the zero target target and simulated 300 meter hits consistently on the Army Qualification Target.

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