Doodlebug Update 12/7/2011

I got it home from the junk yard and it was in need of lots of TLC. For starters the front left wheel and tire were flat and mangled( got to find a new one). The linkage to disengage the clutch was broken, everything is rusty. Most of the components are not marked so I don’t know what kind of tranny it is or what rear was used. I know the motor is a Briggs & Stratton but don’t know what size it is yet the Identity plate is being blocked by the hydraulic tank so I can’t read it yet.

I started with the clutch linkage so I could disengage the clutch to try and get the engine started. The bolt that holds it in place was broken and part of it was inside the fork. I had to drill it out and retap it. You can see where in the pic with the arrow.
Once that was taken care of I was able to disengage the clutch to try to get the engine started.


I also spent most of the day driving around to diff car salvage yards looking for a new rim. The 4 bolt pattern is different from a regular trailer. It’s a 4 lug 12″ rim with the space between the hole being 3.85″ on center according to my micrometer. The salvage yard said it might be off of an old Datsun or Subaru. I took off the hub and I’m going to go to a trailer repair place to morrow to see if I can match something up.


Thats all for today. Going to try to work on getting the engine started tomorrow.

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