Doodlebug update 12/9/2011

Ok, Today I took of the identification plate on the engine.
Model – 233431
Type no. – 0227 01
Serial # – 97904

According to the Briggs website it’s a 9hp engine L head engine made after 1981. I was able to download both the parts diagrams as well as the Manual for it.

I couldn’t get the engine to run so I decided to check for spark, and I’m not getting any. I noticed that there are some wires that com from where the ignition coil is and go over to where the points are but are not connected. I’ll have to check the wiring diagram to see if that shows where these go to?


After some research and chatting with a mechanic for the local ace hardware’s service dept. The wires that were hanging loose went to a panel that controlled an electric starter/generator which is long gone. I had to replace the coil with a new style that removes the points from the equation. Couple of squirts of starting fluid in the cylinder, replace plug, pull hard and engine ran for a brief second,. I also am not having any luck finding a rim and tire that fits that hub so I did some cleaning around the hole where the valve stem rotted through, laid some fiberglass and will drill a new hole for the tire tube stem to go through. Not a perfect solution but it will do until something else comes along. That’s all for today.

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