What is the best Survival Knife?

What is the best Survival Knife? Well… that is a question that I’ve been asked a lot and one that I asked myself in the past as well as doing the old Google search. Do you want to know what I found out? I found, that  what you should be asking yourself instead is questions like:

What will you be doing with this knife?

Well let’s’ look at some ways a knife can be used in a survival scenario.

    • – Self Defense


    • – carving


    • – chopping


    • – hacking


    • – scraping


    • – sheering


    • – piercing


    • – prying


    • – hammering


    • – cutting


    • – sawing


    – digging

What type of survival scenario do you see yourself in, like are you more likely to be in the woods or will you be in an urban environment in a post apocalyptic, or economic collapse situation?

Lets look at the above list in the context of  survival .
In all situations  self defense will obviously be at the top of the list.
In the woods , building a shelter and starting a fire requires chopping, hacking, sawing, digging, and hammering.
For the desert environment you can add  prying to that previous list.
In an urban area, you might have to pry, hammer, saw, chop, and pierce .

What do you know how to do with a knife besides cut?

You may need to carve wood to make tools such as spears, fishing hooks, utensils, a bowl to hold food. You may need to shave bark off of a tree to make tinder for your fire.

Having an idea of what you would need to use it for will guide you in what design features to look for. Some common features may include:

    • – around 6″ in length


    • – full tang (means the knife is all one piece of steel from the tip to the end of the handle)


    • – a finger guard


    • – straight edged


    • – pommel ( butt end of the knife, you may want it flat for purposes of a hammer or pointed to shatter glass)


    • – lanyard hole


    • – sheath

    able to keep a sharp edge

If you start thinking along this line of thought I believe you’ll be able to answer the title of this article a lot better.
Not to leave you without a place to start, I can tell you of some of the more more popular knives that are known as Survival knives.
The big four are the :

    • 1- United States Air Force aircrew survival knife


    • 2- The United States Marines Corps K-bar knife


    • 3- The SOG SEAL Team Knife


    4- The hollow handle “specialized” survival knife(Rambo style) From Martin Knives.

These are all good quality knives that have been used to survive and lots of people will swear by each of them.

*picture from amazon.com


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