Are you being followed? What do you do?

Here’s the scenario:
Your driving home and you look in the rear view mirror and notice that same car or truck is still behind you ever since you left the store parking lot. No big deal right, I mean there are a lot of homes in the direction you are driving and that vehicle just happens to be going the same way.”
Although it doesn’t happen a lot, there have been times when a woman driving alone has been followed home and raped or pulled over and raped by a man pretending to be a police officer.
Here is what you should do for both scenarios:

1. Being followed– To know for sure you should make 3 consecutive right or left turns. If they are still behind you then you are probably being followed. DO NOT GO HOME, instead drive to a very public place like a gas station or grocery store and Call The Police, while driving if you have to.

2.Possible fake officer– If you think you are being pulled over by someone pretending to be an officer of the law than keep driving until you come to a well-lit, populated area. Let the police officer know ( in case he/she is real) you’re planning to pull over by turning on your flashers and driving at a slower speed. When he/she comes up to your vehicle, have the doors locked and only roll down your window about an inch, enough so you can converse. Politely ask to see some Identification, if he/she refuses than get on the phone and call 911. In some cases you may be charged for failing to heed a police officer’s demands, but it’s better than risking your safety.

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