Asheepdog project Aquaponics build.

Hey guys,

In a previous post I talked about Aquaponics, well this post is about my building of an Aquaponics system. Let me start by saying that I did not come up with this design. It is a proven design that you can find lots of information on if you simply do a search.

Items I used are:

1- IBC 275 gallon tote

1- 1250 gph pond pump

5- 90* 2″ pvc pipe

2- pvc pipe tee’s

1- 6″long piece of 4″ pvc

1- 2″ pvc ball shutoff valve

1- 2″ pvc end cap

A lot of river rock (low limestone content)

no-none-zilch pvc glue


1- Sawzall with metal cutting blade

1- Pvc pipe cutter.

I first cut the top 7″ off of the IBC tote and flipped it over to make the grow bed



I then inserted the 2″ pvc standpipe for water level and the 4″ pvc over it and then filled the grow bed with the river rock. I then put the pond pump in the bottom tank and plumbed it to pump water up to the grow bed and back into the tank. After letting the water run for about 3 days to get the chlorine out I planted my veggies and put the fish in the tank. This is what it looked like-



Here is a short video of it in operation

This is a picture of the plants (8 Romaine lettuce, 4 tomato, and 2 strawberry) 3 weeks later.



These are the plants at 8 weeks after planting.



This is what the fish looked like when I first got them


This is what they look like 8 weeks after I got them



I’m off to a good start the fish are growing well, I should be able to harvest them in a few months and the veggies are also going well.

Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any questions.


3 thoughts on “Asheepdog project Aquaponics build.

  1. That’s really interesting. Looks great, I think I am going to give it a try myself. Grow both veggies and fish, I could feed my family myself.

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