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For most of the past year, the mainstream media treated Mitt Romney like an enemy. They ignored his pro-growth message, trumpeted every inconsistency, reveled in his flaws and pounced on his missteps. In their zeal to ensure a second term for President Obama, they created a public image of Mitt Romney as a vacillating, inconsistent, out-of-touch billionaire who was unschooled in politics, unqualified for the presidency and only running to lower taxes for his billionaire buddies.

Meanwhile, the press went easy on the president. They ignored his gaffes, excused his failings and rationalized the dismal economy. They even allowed a sitting president of the United States to go hundreds of days without taking a single question from them. Unintentionally, the press softened and weakened Barack Obama, all the while praising his brilliance. They set him up for failure.

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