Are your State representatives playing it safe?

I heard from a friend, who is a very reliable source for a lot of information, a “RUMOR” that my state’s Governor was going to wait until after re-election to put forth a gun law like Wyoming, Tennessee, Montana and a few others which you can see HERE, protecting us from the federal government. So I went and contacted Him via e-mail and wrote this…..

“Dear Gov. Deal,
I was informed today that you have been asked by many to put forth a law that mirrors the one put out by Wyoming, Tennessee and Montana which negates any federal gun controls. What has me upset is that your response supposedly was to reach out to the republican party and inform them that although you agree with the issue you would rather wait until after re-election. I would like to inform you that if this hearsay is true and you choose to stay that course I will vote for your opponent. I do not want a representative that is worried more about his political career than his people or our constitutional rights.
I will be contacting everyone I know about this issue, as well as posting an article on my blog and firearms forums, so that they can contact you as well and inform you of how they feel on the issue of playing it safe.”

My fellow Sheepdogs don’t sit around and hope your reps will do the right thing, contact them and let them know how you feel about the issue. Let them know that they are there to serve you not their own careers.

For those of you in Georgia you can contact him HERE

Other wise you can find your Reps HERE


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