Debunking 7 Myths on Prepping and Survival

So I hear you’re a “Prepper”


I am sure that if you’re a “Prepper”, you have heard that phrase or something like it at one point in time. If not then maybe this will help you Debunk some of the myths around prepping and survival.


“Nothing like that will ever happen here”

Personally I really love this one because it usually follows the question “So what exactly are you prepping for?”. Oh well I don’t know the possible list is long but you can’t Prep for all so let’s just talk Natural disasters.

Earthquakes, not just possible in California but most people don’t even know there is a fault line along the Eastern seaboard called The East Coast Fault (such Imagination with names I know).


*Picture found via Google search

How about loss of electricity from an EMP Pulse. Believe it or not they can happen naturally from a Solar flare hitting the Earth. Don’t believe me just research the term “The Carrington Event” it happened in 1859.


“I will just head for the Mountains and Hunt”

Well, why didn’t I think of that. I am sure that no one else has thought of that, and after you use your gun to get whatever game may still be left, you will be able to make it back to wherever you are staying without any harm.


“The Government will send in Help”

Just ask the victims Of Katrina or Sandy how well that worked out for them.


“Prepping is just a Fad”

It might have started out that way for some, but I believe that once you realize how fragile our current society is from our outdated and crumbling infrastructure to our huge dependency on retail stores for food or even where we may be headed as a nation financially, there’s only one thing that rings true Prepping MUST be a way of life for you and your family to survive. Our ancestors lived it why can’t we.


“I will be alright I have a Generator”

Yes, I agree a generator is a great resource to have. Have you given any thought to what a shining beacon you will be when everyone else is in the dark but your place is lit up like a Christmas tree. How much fuel do you have put aside to run the Generator, oh wait you don’t prep. . . lol


“I can buy what I need I have been investing in Gold”

That may be great from a portfolio standpoint but unless you have it in your possession you may not be able to get to it after “The Stuff Hits The Fan”. Not to mention prices will be set by supply and demand not the stock market and your 1 ounce gold bar may not buy you as much as you think.


“Preppers are nut jobs like on that show”

-well I can’t argue with the fact that the show has done a great job of painting the movement as a bunch of nut jobs. But if you pay close attention to the content in the shows you can learn a lot.

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