How to communicate when the SHTF Part 3

In this post we will cover Satellite Phones.

satphone*image from google search

IF your in an emergency situation a satellite phone will do what they are supposed to do.  Satellite phones provide much broader coverage than normal mobile phones as they rely on satellites orbiting the Earth rather than land based antennas. They do have their setbacks, cost being one of them. Besides the expensive upfront cost of the phone usually around $1000 you also have to pay for service and minutes.They require a location with a clear view of the sky, this means they may not work in deep valleys and they don’t work indoors.

Another big problem is that just like cell phones, they rely on the satellites to function so if the satellites stop working, then so do the satellite phones.

An Alternative is a system Called BYOD satellite terminal. It allows your normal cell phone to connect to satellite service as well as internet capability. This one unit I found allows you to connect up to 5 phones and can act as a communication network between them as long as they are all connected to its wifi.

Iridium_GO*image from google

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