You’re building a house out of what?

Yes thats what I said, I am building a house out of “Shipping Containers”, “Conex Container”, “Cargo Container” all the same thing.

APLcontainer *image from Google search.

Why? You ask.

Well, I ask why not.

I could get into all the pro’s and con’s about why you should build or not build this way but i’m not going to. There are plenty of resources already available on the web about that topic so I say use your search feature and read all on your own…lol

This blog post and the ones that come after are more for the chronology of the build as well as to pass on any information about the building process and the how to’s of what I do. Because in my searching of information of how to build I wasn’t always able to find the specifics of how to do certain steps so this will be my attempt to make it easier for you. Now with that said, it doesn’t mean the way I do it is the only way or even the best. I would even wager that it’s definitely not but it’s how I decided to do it.

Day One 

The design of the house was conceived by the needs of my family (the wife). It’s pretty simple and uses 4-45′ containers. The house is all one story and the interior walls of 2 containers will be removed to make the bedrooms wider than the standard container width.


The concept of what the exterior will look like is from a hand drawing I did.

Version 2

The house will have a 6′ wide wrap around porch. It will also be sitting on concrete piers to elevate the house off the ground. This will allow not only for insulation but allow me easy access for repairs.

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