Cutting out the dividing walls and door

Today was scheduled to be a long day. I wanted to cut out the walls between the 2 containers, as well as the opening from the kitchen area to the back room which will be our temporary front door and build steps leading to the door. The walls are marked in red in the picture. I had a good friend of mine and my oldest son for help to get it done.


In my research into the building process I read that you could use a grinder with a cutting wheel, a sawzall with metal blade or a plasma cutter. I had the first 2 with the 3rd on the way. I started with the grinder which by the way requires good hearing protection and also eye protection. This works very well but throws a lot of sparks so make sure there is nothing flammable around. Also unless you like tons of tiny little spark burns on your arms wear a long sleeve shirt, obviously I wasn’t…lol so take my advice.


I had previously made the steel door frame from 2″x 2″ 11 gauge(1/8″) square tubing. I apologize I forgot to take pictures of that process but it will be the same for the window frames so I will document that somewhere in the future. I took the measurements from my plans marked them on the floor. I then placed the door frame against the wall traced it out on the wall and started cutting. I then slid the door frame in the hole and tack welded it in place in a few spots for now.


The grinder works well but takes a while so I decided to try the sawmill. I first used the grinder to make slits in the steel on both the vertical and horizontal so I could insert the sawmill blade. This went much faster but the cuts were a little wavy. But we were able to cut out larger sections of the wall in the same time it took to cut out the door.

Version 2 Version 2 Version 2

Version 2 Version 2 Version 2

My oldest son was having fun using the sawzall. It was getting late so we started on the temporary stairs. It was a mad rush to get it done before it got dark so I only have pics of the finished product.

IMG_1346 Version 2


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