Shipping Container House – Building the pony walls

Building the pony walls to support the roof.

I am not sure if the term pony wall is correct but the definition I found said this – “The term pony wall is used to refer to a load-bearing wall that rests on the sill plate of a foundation and supports the joists of the floor above it”. What I am trying to describe is the 4′ tall walls that will be on top of the containers which will support the roof trusses giving us the vaulted ceilings i am looking for in this shipping container house. You can see where they are located in the next 2 pictures.

shipping container house                  shipping container house

I apologize for not getting any pictures of actually building them but they are made from 2×2″ 1/8″ thick square tubing as you can see in the picture below.

shipping container house

There will be a vertical post directly under each truss to transfer the weight to the walls.

shipping container house

There will also be a diagonal supports along the walls for rigidity, but not all are installed yet as you can see in the picture below.

shipping container house

Here is the other side.

shipping container house

Both walls stand 4′ tall and run the length of the building which is 61′. I got inspiration for this design from a shipping container house build that is located in South America I believe. Here is the picture I saw.

As always comments are welcome, let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Shipping Container House – Building the pony walls

  1. How long were the original 2×2 square tube segments that you used for building the 61 foot length of the building. With a length that long, did you finish multiple shorter lengths that were assembled/welded on the roof of the container?

    1. The Horizontal tube lengths were 20′ sections. Its how they were sold a the supplier.I did assemble and weld on the roof in sections, it was the only manageable way for my situation.

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