Shipping Container House- Building the Floor

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Building the Floor

I needed to build a floor between the containers which would wind up being the main floor area of the house. One end closest to the back would be Kitchen area and the other end would be living room. Both ends would be divided by a large stone faced fireplace I will build later.

I did not want the floor to sag or creek so with a 29′ span I decided to build some concrete piers again which would support a wood beam that would run down the middle of the floor and would support the floor joists.

The large rectangular one in the middle will support the weight of the fireplace which will pass through the floor.

The picture above shows how I attached wood to the container walls to then attach the floor joists to. This is a profile view. The black color is the metal container, the letter c section runs the length of the container and the post on top of it is the actual wall of the container. the smaller green section is 2×6 pressure treated lumber, It is attached to the steel frame with self tapping screws designed for attaching wood to metal. That screw is the grey in the middle of the green. I used 1 screw about every foot of distance along the wall. The larger green section is 2×12 pressure treated lumber attached to the 2×6 using wood deck screws which is represented by the olive color. They were also placed about every foot along the entire wall.

I used joist hangers to attach the floor joists to the 2×12’s on the wall and then built a 3 layer wood beam on top of the piers for the other end to sit on.

In the picture above you can see the boxed out area in the floor where the fireplace will pass through to the slab below.

I then laid down 5/8″ thick tongue and groove plywood for the flooring and nailed it all down with ring nails to prevent nails from lifting.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I promise to do my best to answer them.

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