Shipping Container House- Drying in the House

Drying in the House

Now that the floor is done I don’t want it to be exposed to the weather for too long. I set up plastic sheeting to keep the floor dry while I built the front and back walls and then plywood the knee wall.

This was the first time that I could see and get a feel for what the center of the house was going to be like

Standard wall framing. 2 picture windows, the front door and a upper window to let in light still yet to be framed. I could have built the wall all in one shot from the roof truss down to the floor but decided to build it in two stages.

I attached wood 2×4’s to the underside of the metal truss with screws to make it easier for framing the upper half of the wall.

Here’s the wall all done before outer sheathing.

If you look closely at the front wall you can see 2 black bars that go from the floor up to the truss. Those are 2″ square tubing I added for rigidity in the wall. It was probably not needed but it made me feel better.

Here it is after and with windows installed.

I used screws to attach the plywood to the knee walls.

Here’s the back wall that sits above the back two containers creating a loft area.

It’s all dried in and starting to resemble a house.( At least in my mind…lol)

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Shipping Container House- Drying in the House

  1. I’ve been following your build. I am building a similar structure with a different end purpose. I’m using 4 – containers placed in parallel 40’ apart with a 40×80’ center open space. We built similar 4’ knee walls to place our roof trusses on. I added 8 -,3×12’ polycarbonate sky panels to the metal roof. The floor will be concrete and end walls will have large doors incorporated. I will be adding a 20’x84’ lean-to on each side to essentially double our covered space. This structure will be used as a workshop and equipment storage. Photos available upon request.

  2. I adore this! Have you finished your build? I would love to see a sketch of your floor plan & the finished home. Amazing!

    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Yes I am much farther along. Between work, building and covid I have fallen way behind on updating any posts. Thank you for your interest.

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