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How to reload series- removing the primer

  In this video I go over the steps needed for removing the old primer from the brass case in the reloading process.  

Water and Exercise

Water And Exercise The human body is made up of over 75% of water, and as we all know, we cannot live without water. The fact is, we can only survive for a total of 3 days without water. Water has however, been replaced in most diets by soft drinks and other sugar...

Shipping Container House – Assembling and installing the trusses.

Assembling and Installing I wanted to have cathedral ceilings in the shipping container house and I also wanted the ceiling to have the look of a log cabin with wood planking not drywall. My dilemma was that with conventional trusses I couldn’t achieve that look....

Shipping Container House – Building the pony walls

Building the pony walls to support the roof. I am not sure if the term pony wall is correct but the definition I found said this – “The term pony wall is used to refer to a load-bearing wall that rests on the sill plate of a foundation and supports the joists of...

Crane Day #2- Setting the other 2 Shipping Containers

It's crane day again sports fans. I finally got 2 more containers and had to call the same crane company out again to set the final 2. I don't know wether or not it has been dumb luck (probably) or skill but this day went very well also. When I got the final 2...

Why the Baofeng UV-5R Radio is the best budget survival Radio?

                                                     The Baofeng UV-5R Radio is a great choice for prepping on a budget. The Baofeng Uv-5r Radio has been talked about a lot in both the Prepper and Survival circles. These inexpensive radios are a great way to...
Delton 16″ Mid-Length Rifle Kit

Delton 16″ Mid-Length Rifle Kit

Reviewed BY Guest Writer J Kirchner I ordered a couple of these kits, I had looked a lot and could not find a better deal on a complete rifle kit minus the stripped lower. I ordered the lowers separately through my local gun dealer. The ordering process could not have...

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Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

* I still need a new camera so this pic was found from a Google search. As with my other Holster reviews I will cover what I think are the five most important features of any holster. Comfort, Durability, Function, Conceal-ability, Finish. I have to start by saying...

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